Corona Update: 22 corona positive in Jharkhand today, 8 in Hazaribagh, 7 in Gumla, 3 new cases in Ramgarh.

Ranchi Report on Covid-19
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Today Corona Update Jharkhand News The latest cases include 8 in Hazaribagh, 3 in Ramgarh, 3 in Chaibasa and one Corona positive in Jamshedpur.
Publish Date: Sat, 23 May 2020 05:59 PM (IST)

RanchiToday Corona Update, Jharkhand News Corona infection is continuously increasing in Jharkhand. Corona positive cases have now crossed 300.

On Friday, a total of 22 corona patients were identified once again in the state.

In Rims of Ranchi, cases 11 and 4 have been confirmed by MGM, Jamshedpur. 

The deployment of a mobile van would ensure more potential Covid-19 positive patients can be tested within the confines of the hotspots.
7 cases have been confirmed by the Yaksha Kendra Itki and Today, 22 new patients of corona infection include eight in Hazaribagh, 7 in Gumla, three each in Ramgarh and West Singhbhum, one in East Singhbhum.
 The majority of today’s corona-infected patients are migrant laborers returned from Mumbai and  With this, 330 corona-infected cases have also been registered in the state so far. 
In today’s latest cases in Jharkhand, a woman, a young woman and a 12-year-old girl have been found corona positive. All of them have been admitted to the Kovid Hospital. Various precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of infection in the concerned area.

In today’s current cases, a female corona positive has been found in Jamshedpur. Here in three cases of Chaibasa and one young woman and two youths have been found corona positive. 

A 12-year-old girl and two migrant laborers have been found corona infected in Ramgarh. All the migrant laborers are among the 8 new cases found in Hazaribagh. 

News by : jharkhandnewspaper –corona positive in Jharkhand today

The 7 corona infected found in Gumla are also migrant laborers. All infected patients have been admitted to Kovid Hospital after being confirmed as Corona positive.

 543 corona suspects were examined in the rims of Ranchi on Friday. 532 samples were found negative in them and also during the investigation, corona infection has been confirmed in a total of 11 patients today. In today’s current cases, 8 are from Hazaribagh, three from Ramgarh. 

A sample test at MGM Jamshedpur here confirmed corona infection in a total of 4 patients. 

Three of these cases are related to Chaibasa and a woman from Jamshedpur has also been found to be corona positive.

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